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13 February 2008 @ 12:16 pm
 This is japonicastar 's work journal as I like to look at the worksafe stuff on my friends list. However I have no idea how to block certain people's unworksafe stuff and so decided to make myself another journal and add the more worksafe people on my flist. 

So don't mind me, I hope I don't insult anyone!

This place will probably be more about the memes than anything else.



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JaponicaStar: Muwahahajaponicastar on February 24th, 2008 04:57 pm (UTC)
Re: *squeee*
*Is squeeful about your House icons*

I'm only going for a week! How am I supposed to fit all that in? The Tombs on the kings I think I've been to before as I've been to Cyprus twice and I don't think we could have missed them out.

Hmm... My memory is not as good as it was but I do have the vague recollection of being very thirsty wandering around being to hot and tired to care much about the probably fascinating things there. Must have been the tombs... Right near the harbour bit. Mind you this was back in 2002 and I'm probably wrong.

In regards to your trip to our lovely wet, green, old isle, it sounds pretty damn fantastic. I live here and I haven't been to half the places you've mentioned, though Glastonbury & Stonehenge I have. I live just north of Bristol, which you'd drive past to get down to see the ancient stones, so hopefully I'll get to see you then.

I should, fingers crossed, be able to drive by then and I can meet you somewhere. I'd need an approximate date though hon, work is evil as you know, and I'd have to book time off.

I am really excited though, which sounds weird, but you're the infamous Canis, who is utterly brilliant so no wonder. *pinky promise back*

Hope I don't sound like some sort of maniac by the way who is actually a 50 year old man. That's what I'm always afraid of about people online. I'm genuinely a 21 year old gal whose frizzy red hair is going brown and wants to meet her oldest online pal.

I’ve fallen into my usual trite nattering so I’m going to shut up now and I finally write you a review for Time. I did read the chapter yesterday but got in the shower and fainted so my day wasn’t properly free to actually write!

*Eats her Solero icecream and watches the rain*